Military grade performance enhancement for athletes.

TRMR™ (Tension Release for Maximum Recharge) is an innovative series of simple breathing and physical exercises which assist the body in recharging faster.  First advanced techniques for increasing power and focus are used. This hyper-oxygenates and de-acidifies the body.  Then a process for releasing muscular tension. This results in improved circulation, better HRV, and more stamina.  The technique typically results in gentle muscular shaking response which frees the psoas and fascia. This natural response generally feels deeply relaxing.

Many report:

Sleep better

Decreased stress and anxiety

Faster recovery

Less low back pain

Improved HRV

Relax deeper

Increased flexibility    

Decreased pelvic tension

Reduced pain


This is the most effective relaxation technique I have ever experienced. Rob is truly gifted in guiding you through his methods which provide long lasting feelings of peacefulness. – SD, health researcher

This was an exceptional experience. I have not experienced a sensation like this before. I was an athlete all my life, and I wish I could have learned those techniques sooner.’ - D.J.F.

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