Military Grade Stress Resilience for Washingtonians

As a service to the community, we provide low cost stress and trauma resilience training to military combat veterans, foreign service, and journalists returning from combat zones. Immediate family are welcome to join as well.


StressFreeDC is a (PSI)² project that provides low-cost or free performance optimization and stress resilience training to Washingtonians in need.

Proceeds from paid trainings and workshops purchased will be used to provide free training to vets, teachers and first responders.


In 2016, StressFreeDC led 23 war veterans through stress resilience workshops.

With your help, in 2017 we intend to lead 230 war veterans through our workshops, and create training videos that will be made available online.

StressFreeDC's 2018 goal is to lead 2300 war veterans through stress resilience workshops and facilitate training sessions for those interested in teaching our advanced techniques. 


"This is the most effective relaxation technique I have ever experienced. Rob is truly gifted in guiding you through his methods which provide long lasting feelings of peacefulness."

SD, health researcher

"Rob Hartman is a natural teacher. He has a generous and compassionate way of sharing his extensive knowledge about the science of healing, stress reduction and self-care. There is something special about this guy."

LK, program manager

“It’s easy to see that these techniques are as important as physical exercise or academic study. Even though I may be a natural pessimist, it only took a few moments to believe in what Rob was taking us through!”

— Mike, Operation Iraqi Freedom

" Wow. I feel like a new person. I walked in to the session feeling stressed, anxious, and tense. I now feel calm, at ease, and like I can TRULY breathe. Thank you so much, Rob! Thank you!”

 Becca, student

"This was the most relaxed I've felt in months. It wasn't laborious, just bliss.

— D. Kagan

Volunteer Opportunities

StressFreeDC is looking for volunteers who have a background in:

  • Non-profit legal

  • Grant writing

  • Social media

  • Video production


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