Advanced technology to release tension & stress

Relax. Release. Recover.

Stress is something all of us are looking to manage better. If stress is a given, how can we build resilience to it? The TRMR method is a highly effective method that helps calm the nervous system, so our body can enter a deeply relaxed state where we can effectively release tension and stress, allowing us to recover faster and be more resilient to life’s everyday stressors. 

How can TRMR benefit you? 

Incorporating this 20-minute method just 3 times a week at the end of your day, will:

·      release stressful and anxious thoughts to achieve a deep state of relaxation

·      decrease body tension, especially in the lower back

·      help you achieve better sleep

·      react to daily stressors in a less anxious, calmer way

·      help you perform better both in the office, on stage or as an athlete

·      recover from stressful situations, life events or athletic competitions quicker and with more ease

What can I expect?

Recommended by medical practitioners, yoga teachers and physical therapists, TRMR has helped top performing athletes, stressed out executives and combat veterans better adapt to stress. Combining deep breathing techniques and simple physical exercises that were first used to help military combat veterans recover from the stress of war, the TRMRTM method has had life-changing effects for hundreds of people.

About Rob Hartman               

Rob Hartman is a stress resilience expert and author of Hacking Your Nervous System. He has helped people transform their lives by getting to the root cause of most issues – stress.  While working in cyber security and warfare, Rob felt completely burnt out and was in poor health. He developed the TRMR method after spending years trying to understand how to hack his own stressful life. His curiosity led him on a multi-year journey around the world learning from renowned neuroscientists, stress experts and ancient healers. After transforming his life successfully, he made it his mission to teach these techniques through a method he has synthesized and perfected called TRMR.