New Testimonials from Workshops and Private Sessions

Cool stuff! It's been since college that I've felt this way and that was twenty years ago! 

Amazing!  Social workers, please come to both learn and take good care of yourselves.

Great information about the science of the nervous system.  Helps to understand what is going on in our bodies.  Fantastic exercises and breathing!  

Great opportunity to learn experientially and connect with others.  Leaving the experience relaxed and with great tools for myself and clients.

I am looking forward to using these relaxation techniques to help calm myself when feeling anxious or stressed.

Rob teaches techniques that improve awareness, lessen tension and reduce stress.  Great stuff!  -Jim Sims

The science descriptions were clear and understandable.  I loved the tremoring!

I enjoyed the various breathing techniques: ones to stimulate, others to calm the nervous system.  I enjoyed the explanation of the sympathetic/parasympathetic balance.  I enjoyed the movements, exercises, and the tremoring.

Rob is a patient, wise, and respectful teacher.

I'm grateful for having experienced this moment.  The breathing techniques made me more aware of the sensations in my body.  I feel grounded.